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About Us

You come, we give

The inequality between female and male sexuality has been the reason for starting Plural Pleasure. There still so many men who don’t take female sexuality serious thus slut-shaming has become normal for a lot of men. As a man, I had the feeling I needed to stand up and do something about this.


This sexuality gap has been explained as an outcome of societal forces that implicitly put men’s pleasures ahead of women’s. Sex and orgasms are part of women’s overall health and research even shows that climaxing can relieve stress, reduce pain, and increase relationship intimacy. 


“As a male, I don’t have the body experience that women have about their bodies. The only option for me was to go on a journey to learn more about female biology and phycology and at the same time talk to women all over the world and set up a test panel. This allows me to get an understanding of what the best products for women are to help them to enjoy (solo) sex more”.


For every three orgasms, a man has a woman has only one. With every orgasm, our toys create we are trying to close this gap. 

There are so many different sex products in the world, but most of them do the same thing, they just have a different shape or color. During our journey, we developed different categories that “map” the different types of pleasure that women can experience. We call them Pleasure Points. For every Pleasure Point, we developed the best products. 


All of our products are made of body-safe materials and come in a unique (complimentary) cosmetic bag. Inclusivity is in our DNA and we think that all women should be able to enjoy pleasure. That’s why we dedicate part of our profit to Olijf, a Dutch charity that supports women who face(d) gynecological cancer.


Join our journey pro-sexual equality.


Plural Pleasure

You come, We give.

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