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Pleasure Points

Points & Boosters

Did you know that you have 2 types of erogenous zones? We didn’t until we launched Plural Pleasure and started our investigation. We call them “Pleasure Points” and “Pleasure Boosters”. 

Pleasure Points are points on the body that are most sensitive, such as nipples, clitoris, labia or the circular muscle around the anus. They are most sensitive because the “skin” is thinner and the nerves are closer to surface. On top of that, they are connected to our brains' inner reward system. 

Because all bodies are different and everyone has different sexual experiences, Pleasure Boosters can be everywhere on the body or be triggered by different objects or moments. This is why there is nothing more important than to map out your whole body and find the places where you like to be touched. There are even women who can get an orgasm by being licked on the back of their knee.
We travel the world, visit conferences and talk to women everywhere to find the best products for every Pleasure Point and as Pleasure Booster. See below which Pleasure Points we have already started to investigate!


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