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Vagina balls

Vagina balls


The Vagina Balls create an internal stimulation and help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. They have been used for centuries, and are sometimes also referred to as Ben Wa balls or Love Balls. The small, circular weights are inserted into your vagina and essentially make your muscles say “oh, I gotta keep these in,” which triggers them to contract. Think of it as taking your pelvic floor muscles to the gym. You can start by using the vagina balls for a few minutes each day. Start with the lighter balls and increase the duration after a while. Don’t worry, the balls come out easily; you just need to relax your body.. You can use a water-based lube to insert them more easily.


For every product sold, we donate part of the profit to the Olijf foundation.


Ps. comes with a free gift and free makeup bag! 🎁💄

  • Vagina Balls Details

    Vaginal Balls are

    • made from body-safe silicone 🙌

    • waterproof 💦

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